Selfies In A Scarf With Starbucks At A Stop Sign.

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Selfies In A Scarf With Starbucks At A Stop Sign.

It all starts with an S.  Perfect Selfie Storm.

What else do you want from me?

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Selfies With a Sippy Cup.


Selfies With a Sippy Cup.

Downtown Chicago, just past The Crown Fountain, in the little garden area…We stopped and sat for a bit.  We obviously needed to get caught up on our socializing via social networks.  (Because we were already WAYYYY overstimulated with human interaction.)

To what does my wandering eye appear?  A sippy cup.  Just left in the middle of the park.  No one was around.

Yes.  People saw me do this.
No.  I have no shame.

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Selfies With The Skyline.


Selfies With The Skyline.

The best view.  Sorry — these ones aren’t as funny because I just genuinely had a great time.

My friends work for the Wendella.  Such a fun ride.  There were some really drunk dudes on the boat trying to hit on us.  And I caught the elusive “squat-photographer”.


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Selfies With Strangers Taking Selfies.

27 SelfieOfSelfie

Selfies With Strangers Taking Selfies.

Every Thursday night, you can usually find me at the FilmBar in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

A bunch of us local creative-type people all go out and talk among ourselves about our projects.  (Both new, and old)
Who cares?  It beats sitting around and watching television.
(No, it doesn’t.  I’m sorry, TV.  I didn’t mean that.) 

There was a Red Bull event happening on this particular evening.  Where there was people-watching a plenty!

People were getting their photos taken in front of that backdrop — and even better…They were also taking selfies in front of it.

*Emperor Palpatine Voice* GOOD, GOOD…

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