Selfies With Sleeping Strangers.

SleepingStranger SleepingStranger2

Selfies With Sleeping Strangers.

Ahhh. Traveling back from Chicago to Arizona.
Getting on the flight, the pilot was standing at the door, and he said, “We may not make it to Phoenix tonight because of the monsoons.”

Uh, yeah, Mr. Pilot…This news isn’t really on message.
I needed to get home.

We were constantly reminded to have our seatbelts on, the whole flight. The whole flight.
The flight attendant gestapo kept walking up and down the aisles checking each of our laps, seatbacks, and tray table positions.

Admittedly, I just woke up from a quick snoozer for these. I looked over; and both people next to me are out cold.

The pilot said over the loud speaker, “Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Looks like we avoided the monsoons and we are going to be about 5 minutes early.  We will be starting our descent into Phoenix.”

I wouldn’t dream of celebrating with my Row 16 cohorts in any other fashion than a mildly irredeemable Selfie.

Instagram: @mehhhh4


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