Selfies With Sparklers.


Selfies With Sparklers.

Ok, honestly?  I didn’t come up with this idea.
Someone else did.

3rd of July, I got a text message:
“Do I sense a ‘Selfies with Sparklers’ tomorrow?”


But — what no one knows (except for everyone who reads this) is: Sparklers make me nervous.
I am always afraid I am going to light myself on fire.
I’m an adult.  I’ve seen toddlers hold sparklers.  Man up, Sarah.

I went to Target — I got ID’d for this purchase.  (See above.  Toddlers.)

Did a couple practice runs before taking this particular beauty.
And I think I am completely okay with this being my only time holding a sparkler.

I will confess: I think that this photo should be in magazines.
But I am completely biased.

Instagram: @mehhhh4


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