Selfies In Search of Snacks.


Selfies In Search of Snacks.

In the boathouse, under the freeway bridge in Tempe…
(No children’s stories start that way?  Weird.)

I was substitute coaching a Rowing class.
There was an event that Sunday morning…Blockades made it nearly impossible to get to the boathouse.
While I am waiting for anything…I, of course, require a snack.
Thinking myself to be fairly clever, I went and raided one of the High School team’s fridges in search of a snack…but to no avail.

Disappointed, doesn’t even begin to describe my mood for that morning.
(My face doesn’t reflect my real mood.)

Instagram: @mehhhh4


5 thoughts on “Selfies In Search of Snacks.

  1. Ugh… I suck at commenting online. I didn’t see m first comment so now I’m the dummy looking like a parent who can’t figure out the internet.

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