Selfies With Sleeping Audience Members.

24 SleepingAudience

Selfies With Sleeping Audience Members.

I perform Stand-Up Comedy from time to time.  It had been a while since I performed — or even have been out in public, for that matter.

 A friend of mine had asked me to perform at the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona.  There’s an 8 PM show, and a 10 PM show.

This gentleman was at the 10 PM show.  During his set, the headliner saw that this guy was nodding off…and then, all of a sudden…just full-on asleep.  Out cold.


His wife informed everyone that he had been golfing and drinking since 8 AM.

After the show — of course — we all took our turns taking photos, and selfies with the sleeping man.

Given the circumstances — we are all performing in the side room of a Mexican restaurant.  For free.  And this man was sleeping — for good reason — while we were up on stage already battling our self-esteem issues.

Instagram: @mehhhh4


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