Selfies With Spouses.

14 Spouses

Selfies With Spouses.

My coach got married.  She both loves and hates my Selfie Series.  (Yes, I am speaking for her.)  Here’s us at her wedding — a momentous occasion…because her hubby doesn’t smile in selfies at all!  (This information is PURELY based on selfies I have previously seen him in.  Which is not that many.)  I guess a wedding is a perfect exception to go against your normal selfie protocol.

Luckily for me (and you), I love selfies.  And I will take any opportunity to be aggravating.

14 Spouses2

(Photo Credit: Daniel Koenig, Power 10 Films)
I just love this, by the way.  HD Selfie Action Shot. 

Instagram: @mehhhh4


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