Selfie Series.

Selfies With Succulents

It all began with this.
I have an insatiable thirst for being aggravating and for finding humor in the dumbest of things.

I was hiking on South Mountain, and my teenage cousin was calling me. There was really bad cell phone service — so I couldn’t answer the phone. Plus — I’m exercising. C’mon.
I quickly text her, letting her know that I was hiking and I would call her back as soon as I got in good range.

The response I got back was “K.”

As if I am out having the time of my life on a Tuesday afternoon at some crazy rager and completely ignoring her, and her problems.
Who makes up that they’re hiking?
In a brief moment of pure instinct, I decided to take a Selfie with EVERYTHING on that trail. Everything. And I posed with every inanimate object making it look like I was at some kind of weird Desert Party.
When I got down to my car, I tried calling her back — No answer. Shocker.
So, I sent her every single photo that I took. And I got a call back almost immediately.
Magically, she wasn’t mad anymore. And, apparently, I am a weirdo.

I now have a running Selfie Series on Instagram.
Which, you can (and should) follow along with — @mehhhh4


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