Selfies With Shrubberies.

2 Shrubberies

Selfies With Shrubberies.

I’ve never understood the appeal of faux plants in the office (or any environment, for that matter.) It just kinda seems like your money would be better wasted on more important, practical things — like food, or books about Jack Nicholson.

 I suppose decor is good for breakrooms…I mean, I’ve played SIMS before.  (Room is a VERY important thing to have in that game.  Otherwise, they won’t do ANYTHING.)

But, in general, I think they’re silly.
There’s a joke that Mitch Hedberg has about fake plants.  Saying that the fake plant died because he did not pretend to water it.
It’s kind of a dumb joke.  And there’s no real way to end this post other than…

It’s me…with a fake shrubbery.

Instagram: @mehhhh4


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